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Age change

Why was the age changed to 17 I am confused

Best free and paid VPN I have used

Fast, reliable and secure. The premium plans are the best I have used and works great always.



Stolen card info

I’m not 100% certain but I’m like 99% certain my credit card information was stolen and a $400 purchase was attempted at Nike.com while I was using the VPN. Now I have to wait a week for my new credit. I thought the point of a vpn is that it’s supposed to be private and secure

Um why?

Okay I use this app, VPN of course for my websites. But I could only use it for 7 days. After the 7 days is up I have to pay for it. I accidentally use my finger scanner and bought it. And now I have to pay for it. Is there like anyway where I have it cleared. Like I didn’t even want to buy this app.




How you gonna charge me $1 dollar for premium and then charge $3.99 a week.

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Very good

My 7 day trial turned into a 1 day trial.

I was thinking about buying a year subscription. I won't now.

Price Terrible

Price is not logical at all !

from iran : kiss kiss

tnx for free app👏👏👏👏😞😍😍💅

It works but

I paid for this hoping to not have ads, but then I get hit with a subscription charge after a few days. Scam


You have to change the name of this app! IT IS NOT FREE!! You pay for the app, and then you must pay a costly subscription! That first week of “free “service is not true either. I never was able to connect. Their “lite” version worked like a charm until the latest version. You could watch ads in exchange for time connected. Now you can watch as many ads as you can stomach, but you won’t be able to connect. Junk! Bait and switch! Another company cutting services and wanting more money. Ugh! In the trash!


The price tag on this app is for a week of the ad-free vpn service. After one week you will have to purchase a new subscription to the service. This is not a one-time fee nor is it really worth the price tag since the actually free version only has a few ads to get hours of vpn time


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The “pro” version and free version are the same thing. False advertising.

Bait and switch

I paid for this app to be rid of the ads but now they’ve updated it forcing a subscription. Don’t waste your money.

Slow, painfully slow

If it connects (it often doesn’t), it is painfully slow. I tried it for a few months but gave up.

What’s going on?

I upgraded to the pro, I’m still getting popups & every time I go to this app it’s prompting me to “connect” Why is it not staying connected? This is defeating the purpose of having it! Garbage!

Doesn’t even work

Doesn’t even work

Don’t waste your money

I paid money for this app jut for it to tell me that I have to buy a subscription to use it for $3.99 a WEEK! Not the one time price i was promised. Going back to the free app with the annoying ads just to use it.


i paid for this & it worked well for a while, but now it wants me to buy a subscription after i already bought the app???

Not Satisfied

Really slows down down load speed.

Worst VPN Ever

Slow down the internet to minimum You ll never know when is connected. Awful i want my money back I write them and no one care to answer you back. Not recommend

Great app, worth the money!

This vpn app is amazing! I used the free version for a while and decided to make the purchase of the pro app for no ads. This vpn is the only one that I could find that I could use at school. I want to thank the creators of this app so much! I highly suggest that you download this app!

Not good anymore

Not worth it. They make you pay more or watch adds now

uh what

i paid for this app hoping to be rid of advertisements and use the vpn service as much as i wanted, but in order to use it for more than 2 seconds you have to watch advertisements. if i wanted to waste my time with those, i would have stuck with the free version. /: there is no reason i should have to pay a monthly fee to avoid advertisements that were supposed to be removed with the money i already paid to get the pro version and using the service for longer than a minute shouldn't require i monthly payment either. it was good two weeks ago, but i updated it and now im finding that it'd probably be better off just sticking with the free one. i should not have to 'earn minutes' by watching minute long advertisements only to be rewarded with barely any time. i highly regret spending money on this.


I use this vpn . Thanks

Disconnects and reconnects constantly

Once you start the VPN. It keeps saying you need to reopen the app to get reconnected and have add free vpn. Stupid app!

Why?It doesn’t work.

The free version works perfect. In order to support the developer i upgraded to the pro version for my iPad mini 4, but it can’t connect, I tried everything, reinstall, reset the network, it just doesn’t work. I’ll rate five stars for the free one.

Needs upgrades

Every time I try to connect it disconnects the vpn AND my wifi/internet. Fix this and I will change my review Edit: I made this review this may and it's the middle of July and they finally responded. Too late anyway. I've deleted the app and won't be redownloading it. Try and speed up your response time


i don't want to pay for an app just for them to stop giving me their service and then asking me to subscribe to continue use. don't even get this app at all. edit: thank you for the developer response. i will consider using the feature.

It's a monthly payment

Better off using the free ver

Used to work great

I bought the monthly $2.99 subscription and it still shows me ads and disconnects me randomly

Love the free buying full version

I have had zero problems with this application. Used it for a few weeks with free version. I could use it wherever I was and always found a connection

Some bugs

Been using the free version for a few months and wanted to upgrade to no ads. Every time I open this app it asks me for my email, which is weird. Also, sometimes the VPN straight up just doesn't connect. Other than that though, it works well when it does connect.

Needs a payment button

Stopped paying for membership now I need to pay again and there is no button to do such a thing loved the app otherwise tho :/

Paid for the app just to have to pay more.

Screw this. I pay for the app then it starts telling me I have to subscribe. Talk about getting cheated out of your money.


I had been using the free version for a while, but wanted to upgrade to get rid of the annoying ads, but after paying it WILL NOT CONNECT TO VPN, AND DOESN'T WORK AT ALL. Don't waste your money


I've been using the free one for a while now, and I decided to upgrade to this version. Upon opening, like normal, I had to enter my email address and allow the app to configure VPN whatevers, and then I hit connect... It did the "searching for fastest" thing for like 2 seconds and stopped trying to connect. I tried 5 or so more times and still the same result. If this is a bug, please fix

Works great!

Finally a vpn that works! For some it might not connect, but myne connects instantly! Great vpn!!!


I would like a refund because this app doesn't work and the free version works fine except it has annoying ads. This version does not connect to the vpn.

Never worked properly, dev's don't care

Had problems with the PAY version (ad-free) of this app immediately. First I couldn't connect, then couldn't disconnect from VPN. I have contacted their support at least three times asking to be refunded, but never heard a peep back (except for the automated "we got your email request, we'll get back to you asap" email reply). And I never heard from them again. Terrible way to treat PAYING customers. Unless you want to be ripped off and frustrated, don't bother.

Great app!

I don't understand the other negative reviews. It costs money to run a service like this so it comes from ads or subscription fees. The only thing I'd ask if that when the VPN service is on you can transition between cellular and wifi without turning the VPN off and have it reconnect on its own.

Just get the free one

This version works fine, ad free for a while, then asks you to upgrade to premium. If you don't it starts showing ads again.


Bought it and now they're asking for more money ????

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